Dreamhost’s Dreamobjects

Dreamhost offers a decent looking object storage implementation called DreamObjects, powered by Ceph, which reminds me a little bit of EMC Atmos. What I didn’t immediately find while looking through their documentation was whether or not the data is ever synched to another datacenter, but I rather suspect it’s not. If that’s the case, even with their durability SLA of 99.99999% it sits somewhere between S3’s standard durability SLA of 99.999999999% and their Reduced Redundancy Storage durability SLA of 99.99%. Reduced Redundancy Storage costs $0.076 in US East, at the time of this post, and $0.095 for Standard Storage. With DreamObjects offering $0.07, it’s actually a pretty good deal, particularly for home users that want to play with an object store that offers an S3 API. Great as another place store critical data.

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