Joshua Howard
Union City, CA 94587
  • Enterprise and Cloud Architect with a focus on driving transformational change, both from an organizational and technology perspective.
  • Strong architectural knowledge of large web-facing systems. Success working across a gamut of technology companies, from 20 person start-ups to some of the largest Internet companies in the world.
  • Proven track record working with product management and development teams in the implementation and deployment of products at scale. Strong ability to translate business requirements and match technical capabilities to product needs.
  • Mozilla San Francisco, CA
    Director, Enterprise Architect (2016-Present)

Leading change across all of Mozilla to better align technology to business outcomes.

  • Intuit Menlo Park, CA
    Intuit Deployment Chief Architect (2012-2015)

Focused on Intuit’s overall architecture strategy, particularly in the areas of cloud readiness and the transformational change of modernizing applications and processes. Provided leadership across several business units and functional groups, including Intuit’s Product Infrastructure, Public Cloud, and Enterprise Architecture Teams.

  • Key member of Intuit’s Enterprise Architecture team, responsible for the declared technology infrastructure future state and provided direction for Intuit’s overall services and standards governance program.
  • Defined Intuit’s Hybrid Cloud strategy, including the definition of end-state goals, technology selection, and working with both infrastructure and product development teams on solutions to ease the journey toward public cloud providers.
  • Drove architecture feasibility assessments for strategic applications within Intuit’s portfolio which aligned enterprise and business unit roadmaps.
  • As a member of the Public Cloud Program, architected and championed Intuit’s Reference Architecture for the cloud, which teaches engineering teams design patterns related to AWS.
  • Provided due diligence and built integration plans for Intuit’s M&A activities. Moreover, owned Intuit’s deployment and infrastructure playbook, used to provide a reusable and standardized approach to acquisitions.
  • Adchemy Foster City, CA
    Architect, Cloud and Application Operations (2012)

Responsible for overall cloud direction for the company, with a particular emphasis on building a scalable infrastructure for their flagship product. Furthermore, a key contributor to the scaling of applications and future direction of the technology.

  • Provided direction, planning, and oversight on Adchemy’s datacenter rebuild project. This included setting the standards for core infrastructure components as well as defining the overall HA and DR principles.
  • Built an architectural description, set standards, and defined processes for the technical operations group.
  • Implemented AWS based solutions for migration of applications into the cloud.
  • Yahoo! Sunnyvale, CA
    Architect, Service Engineering, Search and Marketplaces (2009 – 2012)

Worked with engineering and product teams on delivering new features and applications to production. Lead architect for Yahoo!’s Search and Marketplaces datacenter consolidation project; reviewed plans, found cost cutting opportunities, documented dependencies, and provided technical leadership for all facets of the project. Led standardization and architecture functions across the business unit.

  • Developed a set of processes for reviewing the architecture, infrastructure, and operability of search products, meeting the goals of managing Cap Ex to a quarterly schedule and ensuring uptime, reliability, and scalability.
  • Worked with development and product teams on shared services and cloud adoption, including migrating applications onto Yahoo!’s internal hosted application stack, Cocktails. Defined acceptance criteria with the platform teams and worked on delivering and driving requirements, such as SLAs, feature parity, monitoring, provisioning, and observability.
  • Built tools and processes for streamlining hardware procurement for Yahoo!’s search organization and the tracking of subsequent capex and system delivery. The process has been used as a model across all of Yahoo!
  • As lead of a “Tiger Team,” defined the processes by which products are onboarded into the search service engineering organization.
  • Skyfire Mountain View, CA
    Operations Architect (2008 – 2009)

Focused on building out and scaling Skyfire’s multi-platform datacenters. Effort was spread across multiple domains, from setting up F5 BIG-IP load balancers, working on MySQL replication, as well as general Unix systems administration.

  • Brought automation and configuration management to Skyfire’s infrastructure. Deployed a Kickstart environment for rapidly deploying Linux servers, setup Cfengine to handle configuration management, and wrote release scripts for the deployment of code.
  • Setup monitoring for Skyfire’s infrastructure. This included both a local instance and a hosted remote monitoring server.
  • Wrote an inventory management application for polling servers and tracking through a web UI.
  • Shutterfly, Inc. Redwood City, CA
    Operations Architect (2007 – 2008)
    Manager, Systems Engineering (2006 – 2007)

Joined the Shutterfly team to take on sole responsibility for improving their print facility’s back end infrastructure, with the goals of increasing uptime and performance, while cutting capital costs. After guiding the company through a flawless Q4, took on the additional responsibility of managing the front end support for our printing facilities.

  • As operations architect, worked on systems scalability problems, hardware evaluation, and the general health of the Internet Operations at Shutterfly. Included in the responsibilities was owning the three year IOPS roadmap and exploration of new technology to aid in growth while controlling costs.
  • Was ultimately responsible for platform decisions within operations. Worked with the storage and systems teams on the management of multiple petabytes of storage and thousands of servers.
  • Consolidated the printing facility back end onto a new Opteron-based platform, while reducing overall costs, such as power and cooling. Furthermore, implemented virtualization technologies, including Solaris Containers and VMware Server.
  • Managed the build out of the datacenter in Shutterfly’s newest print facility in Charlotte, NC. This included nearly 100 servers for the local renderfarm and surrounding infrastructure. Coordinated several teams, internally and externally, in order to get the system operational during an abbreviated schedule.
  • Implemented the first phase of Shutterfly’s move to an HSM, SAM-FS. Was heavily involved in the initial vendor selection, negotation and all other aspects of the product. Completed all integration, benchmarking and acceptance tests for the hardware and software platform, which is made up of multiple Sun X4600 servers, hundreds of terabytes of attached storage and a Sun SL8500 tape library.
  • (eBay, Inc.) Brisbane, CA
    Manager, Server Engineering (2004 – 2006)

As a member of the server engineering team, managed over 2000 servers in the operations department of the largest comparison shopping site on the Internet. Furthermore, as a manager, led a team of eight systems engineers as experienced tremendous growth while continuing to maintain over 99.95% uptime. Played a key role in the direction of the server engineering group, including hardware decisions, architecture and overall technology planning.

  • Architected a new image serving infrastructure to handle the more than 30,000,000 hits daily. Worked with storage team, and engineering to come up with a solution to address all of the issues with the former design while looking toward future scalability.
  • Maintained the web frontend infrastructure, including the move from Resin to Tomcat, and upgrading of Apache. Additionally, wrote the deployment scripts for most of the Java-based applications in production.
  • As the server engineering manager, was responsible for guiding the team through an extremely aggressive schedule during the highest traffic period of the year. All goals were met and the site continued with its impressive uptime throughout.
  • Responsible for managing vendors and requirements, as well as the selection and ordering of hardware and software. Helped choose and order hardware for the production site, which involved scoping out requirements for large scale SAN hardware (Hitachi Data Systems AMS and 95xx series) and server hardware (Sun and Rackable).
  • Vicor, Inc. Richmond, CA
    Systems and Network Administrator, Developer (1998 – 2004)

Worked with an engineering team of over 50 on the company’s product for the banking industry, RIDS, including the deployment of systems to high-profile banks across the country. In addition, acted as a point of contact for both customers and engineers on a daily basis, helping design, test and implement various aspects of our system.

  • Designed and implemented a national VPN support network, using tunneling and load balancing.
  • Configured and managed Cisco switches (2900, 5500) and routers (3600, 3700), using both static routing and BGP in multi-homed environments.
  • Responsible for all of Vicor’s network security, defining and implementing procedures and practices.
  • Operating Systems: Solaris, FreeBSD, Linux (RedHat, CentOS, Ubuntu), Windows, Mac OS X.
  • Software: Apache, MySQL, Postfix, BIND, Cfengine, Tomcat, memcached, Kickstart, Jumpstart, ZFS, VMWare.
  • Languages: Perl, PHP, Bourne, C/C++, Python.
  • Networking: Cisco routers, switches, and load balancers. F5 BIG-IP. GTM, LTM, and GSLB. Strong understanding of TCP/IP and ethernet technologies.

References: Available upon request.

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